Become a sponsor

We have various levels of sponsorship available in support of the event.


Gold Sponsor – $1,000

We think you are awesome so we will recognise you as a premier supporter on our web site, Facebook page, and mentions throughout the day. You can put up a banner at the event if you like too.


Silver Sponsor – $500

You rock, you’ll get recognition as a silver supporter on our website, a “thanks muchly” on our facebook page, and a mention on the day.


Bronze Sponsor – $250

Look, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but we think bronze sponsors rock too! You’ll get all the kudos of the above sponsors, but the logos will be a bit littler, and maybe there’ll be one exclamation on Facebook instead of two, that’s all.

But seriously, your contributions no matter how large or small are greatly appreciated by our community and really make a difference to the lives of our friends at Graylands. We recognise some donors would prefer to be anonymous and respect that also.

Please make cheques payable to: “Clinical Neuroscience Institute Inc” (a registered charity, donations are tax deductible), and liaise with one of the above organisers for delivery.

For more information you can talk to:

For further information on the PK Cup or to offer your support for the event, please contact us:

Alex Quin

– 0418 940 249

Michael Harries

– 0434 076 229

How to become a sponsor

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Thank you to all our sponsors

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