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About the PK Cup

The first PK Cup was played in November 2006 to remember our good friend Philip Kennedy who died following a ten year battle with Bi-Polar Disorder. The PK Cup aims to raise awareness of mental illness and to assist in the treatment of patients by improving the facilities at the secure wards of Graylands Hospital. Since 2006, the PK Cup has raised over $60,000 and has supplied the existing gymnasium with a new sound system and filled it with state of the art gymnasium equipment.

The 2014 PK Cup will be held at the Memorial Oval at Aquinas College on Sunday, 23 November 2013. This memorable family day of 20/20 cricket will be fun for the whole family.

We are always searching for event sponsors, donations of auction and raffle items and volunteers to help out on the day.


If your business would like to sponsor the 2014 PK Cup, 100 per cent of your donation will go to improving facilities at Graylands Hospital. And of course we will give you a huge shout out! See available tiers of sponsorship for details.

If you or your business has any items for our silent auction to be held on the day of the PK Cup, we would love to hear from you.

Become a sponsor


If you are available on the day to help out with some of the activities and events we would love you to help out.

To register your interest contact:

Alex Quin – 0418 940 249 or

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How to become a sponsor

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