What is the PK Cup?

The History

The first PK Cup was played in November 2006 on the Memorial Oval at Aquinas College to remember our good friend Philip Kennedy. Cricket was one of Phil’s great passions – witnessed through his knowledge of the game and his wonderful ability to play it.

As friends and team mates, we will forever remember Phil – not only for his great skills as a sportsman, but for his boundless intellect, razor sharp wit and famous sense of humour.


Philip Edward Kennedy 1974-2006

Philip was born in Canberra – the youngest of a family of five children. His first year of schooling was in London where his Naval Officer father was posted. The rest of Philip’s primary school years were in Canberra at St Bede’s school in Red Hill and at St Edmund’s College in Manuka.

When his father retired from the Navy in 1987 the family moved to Perth where Philip attended Aquinas College for his high school years. He was a good student and a keen sportsman and his great love was cricket. From Year 10 onwards he played in the First Eleven Cricket Team and also played with the Firsts in the Aquinas Australian Rules Football Team who won the Alcock Cup 1992.

At the age of 18, after leaving school, Philip suffered a nervous breakdown and remained in hospital for three months. The following year he enrolled at UWA where he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree. Upon graduation he travelled to Europe with his girlfriend Benita and later lived in Japan for three months where he became proficient in speaking Japanese.

Whilst studying for a Dip Ed at Edith Cowan University at the age of 25 he suffered another breakdown. More episodes followed, requiring hospitalisation, which sadly saw him lose jobs and caused the ending of his relationship with Benita. He played cricket with Claremont-Nedlands and later with Suburban Turf however the effects of his medication slowed him down and he finally stopped playing.

In hospital in 2006, very ill with depression, PK’s anti-depressants were withdrawn by his doctors. One month later on 16 March he tragically took his life.

Throughout his illness he was a loving family member. He had friends from his school days at Aquinas College who stood by him through thick and thin. He always had a great and quirky sense of humour and his family still uses some of his ‘one-liners’ that somehow seemed to hit the nail on the head. He will always be loved and remembered by his family and his loyal friends.

The Cup

The PK Cup aims to raise awareness of mental illness and to assist in the treatment of patients by improving the facilities at the secure wards of Graylands Hospital which provides specialised mental health services.

The inaugural PK Cup replaced an Aquinas Old Boys social cricket match known as The Double Undies Cup – aptly named because players were forced to share a protective box; hence the need for double undies.

In a salute to the origins of the PK Cup, two pairs of undies were ceremoniously burned and sealed within the Cup to remain there forever. Just the like the famous Ashes, the origins of these vestiges contained in PK Cup are forever shrouded in mystery.

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