Who benefits

The PK Cup was created to help improve the experience of patients in care at Graylands Hospital which provides specialised mental health services in Perth.  As such, Graylands Hospital are the sole beneficiary of all monies raised by the PK Cup.  We work closley with the Occupational Therapists at Graylands Hospital to identify particular items that are not budgeted for but that are practical tools to assist them in providing specialist care to those experiencing mental illness.

Since 2006, the PK Cup has raised over $60,000. With your help we have supplied the existing empty gymnasium with a new state of the art sound system, rowing machine, recumbent bike, cross trainer and a series of other professional gym equipment. This space is now a key facility that is used by the hospital in treatment of people experiencing mental illness.

Funds raised

2006/07: $3,120
2008: $6,387
2009: $5,071
2010: $9,431
2011: $12,097
2012: $13,120
2013: $12,000 (TBC)

Total: $61,228.14


We are so grateful to all those who have contributed over the years to help us raise these funds.

Through all your support, both financially and personally, we are making an impact in raising awareness of mental health issues.

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